This Nightmare Worm Can Live Inside You

Extinction is usually a bad thing, but are there some species so nightmarish that we intentionally wipe them out? Julian explains that here.

We’re Not The Only Species To Cause A Mass Extinction –
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We’re Close To Achieving The Second Ever Global Eradication Of A Human Disease
“Dracunculiasis is an ideal candidate for eradication because it is only transmitted by one route, and if this can be interrupted, infection can be stopped. The strategy was therefore a simple one: educate villagers in affected areas and distribute cheap filters that people can use to eliminate the parasites from drinking water.”

The Last Days Of Guinea Worm
“Guinea worm is going down. Way down. From more than 3 million cases of Guinea worm disease a year in the 1980s, the world tally in 2016 stands at just two confirmed cases. Both are in Chad and are believed to have been contained before they had a chance to spread.”

Can 3D Printing Save Rhinos From Extinction?
“With Rhinos on the brink of extinction, could 3D printed horns stop their decline? Here’s how these bioengineers are making this possible.”

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