The Perfect Heist

Joshua tells the story of a New Year’s heist.

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Large diamond with other jewlery on black background..
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Stack of diamond engagement rings
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Woman with a large diamond ring
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$100 bills background
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Bank Vaulted Door | 4K
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Diamonds On Black Background
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Cork exploding off Champagne Bottle
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January 1983 Low angle wide shot Apple falling in Times Square to signal the New Year with countdown clock in corner of screen/ New Year’s Rockin’ Eve/ AUDIO
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Ball Drop Ringing in the 2008 New Year Times Square Style.
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Night Aerial View Of The Queensborough Bridge In New York City Then Revealing Midtown Manhattan
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NYPD Police Car in Times Square, New York City
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NYPD Confront Eric Garner Protestors on the West Side Highway
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High angle wide shot time lapse large crowds and searchlights in Times Square at night on New Year’s Eve / New York City
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Intersection in Time Square New York City with colored snow glitter
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CU, R/F, Diamond necklace on window display reflecting busy street, New York City, New York, USA
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CU LA MS Man opening roller door of shop, Brooklyn, New York City, New York State, USA
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The 2014 New Year’s Eve Ball Drop
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jewelry store
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Jewelry, thief
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Close up hand dialing combination on safe / opening door
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