Not Even Death Can Stop These Frogs From Procreating. Wait…What?

These frogs will stop at nothing to reproduce – not even death.

Toad Hats: Guy Makes Tiny Hats For Toad | The Dodo

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Male Frog Extracts and Fertilises Eggs From Dead Female
“For a small Amazonian frog called Rhinella proboscidea, death is no impediment to sex. The males form huge mating balls in which dozens of individuals compete to fertilise a female.”

Kermit Sutra: New Frog Mating Position Discovered
“A new mating position for frogs has just been discovered, adding to the six positions already documented for the approximately 6,583 species of frogs and toads found worldwide.”

Why Frog Tongues Are So Fast And Sticky
“The researchers discovered that frogs are able to catch their prey because their tongue is incredibly soft and is coupled with saliva that changes its viscosity depending on the situation.”

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Written by Carin Bondar and Animated by Joe Presser